I want to talk about agave syrup for a brief moment. I know a lot of vegans like to use it in place of honey – I used to use it all the time in my baking.

People, agave nectar is a high fructose syrup. It may be lower in calories than regular sugar but it is no way any better for you in terms of health – especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

If you have a few hours to spare this is a great lecture about why sugar/high fructose syrups are absolutely toxic to your health. I’m not sure why but over the last few years agave has sky rocketed to popularity among healthy bakers (if pintrest or foodgawker is a source to go by anyway)

Here are some better substitutions that I always keep my pantry stocked with:

  • bananas! ripe bananas are naturally high in sugar and when you fry them up (with or without a little coconut oil) they caramelize
  • dates – make a date paste or process them till they’re fine
  • figs
  • stevia – be careful here. I’ve seen conflicting research on whether or not stevia is bad for you. I always like to keep artificial sweeteners to a minimum. If I ever use stevia, it’s to enhance something that is sweet on it’s own – not to add something that isn’t there at all
  • honey
  • pure maple syrup – NOT pancake syrup. There is a difference!
  • unsweetened applesauce – this might not be a great option for everyone. After eating extremely clean for a very long time, this is enough to sweeten foods for me. If you’re used to a diet high in refined sugars, it might make your food taste bland.

In any case, avoid agave if you can. Eat more fruit!

That’s all for now