Happy Saturday everyone!

OH my goodness am I excited to have a day off. I feel like I’ve been a robot the last 11 days: sleep, eat, work, repeat.

I’ve literally been living off of rotisserie chickens the last few days because they’re cheap and good protein :S. For someone who enjoys food and flavors as much as I do this is UNACCEPTABLE! Yesterday my work had a BBQ so I got really excited (free protein! woo!) and made a sandwich out of two burger patties with my fixins in beween.

Um … bad idea.

I don’t ever eat processed food and when I do… my body is very displeased with me. I even had this gross … greasy? kind of after taste in my mouth all day. (And I love fats so I’m not sure what that was all about. Yuck.) They kind of tasted weird and stale. So when I came home I wanted something nice and fresh to make up for the gross burger-wich.


I’d feel silly posting this as a recipe but it was realllly yummy and I wanted to share πŸ™‚

Just some bananas and cherries drizzled with creamy chocolate peanut butter!

Don’t you just want a bite?
I happened to be having a chocolate peanut butter protein shake (I rarely every have these but yesterday… I was tired okay!) so I took a spoonful of my scoop, mixed it up with some peanut butter and chocolate almond milk and BAM. Extra protein πŸ˜€

Hope you guys try it out – cherries and bananas need to hang out together more often.