There is a lot of misinformation out there about the food we eat.

Just google any of the following:

  • Are eggs good for you? (Yes. Calm down about the cholesterol)
  • Can I eat carbs at night? (Oh my God yes. I eat ALL my carbs late at night and I look just fine thanks.)
  • How much protein do I need? (Depends on your goals. If you’re weight lifting anywhere between 1.2-1.5g per lb of body weight.)
  • Is fruit juice healthy? (Not really – no.)
  • How often should I eat? If you say 5-6 small meals a day I will smack you with a steak. This ridiculous myth is broscience and has absolutely NEVER been proven to be true. Not even a little bit. And it is no way to live either! I too used to live out of tupperware containers throughout my day and it has made no difference in my health now that I eat 2-3 big meals at all- except that I’m not ravenously hungry all the time nor am I counting down the minutes to my next meal. Eating 5-6 meals is torturous and has never satisfied me. I’m the kind of girl that needs to sit down, eat a large plate of meat, potatoes, gravy, veggies, cereal, toast, and (sugar free 🙂 ) dessert all in one go. So to cut this angry rant short, as long as you’re getting the same amount of calories in your day it really doesn’t matter how many meals you eat. (I can vouch for me personally and say that now that I get to pig out at 2 meals I’m much more satisfied and full throughout the day and able to stick to what I planned!)

And then there’s saturated fats. Thankfully, now that everyone has finally started catching on to the “healthy fat” train there are a lot more avocado eating,  EVOO toting, coconut milk drinking foodies out there. However we stilll haven’t managed to get over the idea of saturated fats. Everyone knows they’re bad right?


I cannot stress enough to you all that saturated fats are a healthy and natural part of the human diet. Does this mean you should eat a pound of bacon a day? No. Everything in moderation. But they aren’t at ALL the diet demons everyone makes them out to be. The diet industry is so quick to jump on bandwagons as soon as it finds the new macronutrient/food to vilify. First we said fats, then carbs, now it’s sugar (which – by the way is a legitimate claim. Refined sugars are to be avoided at all costs!) However, the thing that worries me about sugar is that – mark my words – the idea is going to be misconstrued. I totally called it and said to my boyfriend that we will now see the next generation of diet foods proudly exclaiming “No high fructose corn syrup!” and have high levels of regular sugar. Went to the grocery store the other day and whatever did I see but a box of cereal proclaiming exactly that with sugar listed as the second ingredient. Be smart people, read your labels, avoid refined sugars and eat natural sugars in moderation.

I’m going too far off tangent on the initial rant I had started on…

Here is a great article by Men’s Health about the saturated fat myth.

Now for the love of God go enjoy some Elvis sandwiches.

What’s an Elvis sandwich protein Queen?


Bacon, Peanut Butter, Bananas, Bread.

Salty. Rich. Sweet. Just like the king liked em.

Once again I mixed protein powder into my PB. All I can say is, if you’re afraid to eat this due to a little saturated fat – you my friend are missing out.