I’m  nervous.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Whole 30 go check it out. I can’t even believe I’m doing this but… I’m going to take the plunge and commit to the damn thing.

The premise of the program is that it’s a kind of natural way to cleanse and hit the reset button. Benefits? I can’t even list them all. Seriously, they have a whole page dedicated to all of the ailments/illnesses this program can either cure or help alleviate. Everything from Anxiety, Depression, Anemia, Acne, Arthritis (can you tell I stopped reading much further after the As?) and so on.  Apparently 95% of the people who complete this program achieve some form of weight loss – although that isn’t the main reason I want to do this program. Well I’m not going to lie, my summer job has ruined my previous successful efforts to lose that last 10lbs – a task that took me months of careful meal planning and exercise to achieve so it wouldn’t exactly be an undesired side effect. However, I’ve done it before and I know I can do it again even without whole 30. I always like to tell my friends that I’m not on a diet, it’s a part of my lifestyle – a quest for optimal health if you will. This includes but is not limited to maintaining a healthy weight. So there are numerous aspects of this program that appeal to me.

I have spent the last 3.5 months working in an industrial area/toxic chemical cesspool. When I first came out here, there was an extremely unpleasant smell that I just couldn’t get over. I don’t even notice it anymore and this frightens me. My sleep patterns are completely messed up and my energy levels are non-existent. So I’m committing to doing this program with no cheating! I actually don’t think it will be that hard. The program requires you to give up all forms of sugar (including honey and maple syrup! eep!), dairy, preservatives, grains, artificial sweetness and most legumes. This is basically my diet with the exception of dairy (Only in the form of greek yogurt and cottage cheese) and oatmeal.  That is going to be hard for me.

Really, really had.

I LOVE my oatmeal but I plan on sticking to this program! I mean really, 30 days of your life is nothing. I’m also going to have to give up my protein powders… Now if they would have said no almond butter (peanuts aren’t allowed!) I would have turned around and said no effing way. But nuts (in moderation) and healthy fats are encouraged so I think I can do it. Well okay, no. I know I can do it. They like to practice a lot of tough love when it comes to this diet. When I read the bit about fighting cancer I decided to stop being a baby and just do it.

Day 1 will be… well not tomorrow. I know, I know procrastinating is a terrible way to start this plan. However, I simply cannot start this right away. I have a birthday dinner to attend, an end of summer party that I cannot avoid a few drinks at for complicated reasons, and when we finally return home, my boyfriend and I have a couple (er… 4) dinner dates planned. We owe it to ourselves after the horrid summer we’ve had. So while I have made this announcement, please don’t call me weak as the next few recipes I post will likely not adhere to whole30.


There’s a big but here. I’m going to try to do as many whole 30 days as possible before I start officially. Like tomorrow. So that’s a good start right? My girlfriend and I have set our official start day for Sept.1st. That is when you may mock me for posting anything not whole 30 approved. Until then, I will do my best. If anyone out there has done whole 30 before: Thoughts? Results? Tips? If you haven’t – do it with me!

One final thought. The program really discourages you from eating healthified versions of foods you are not allowed. I don’t think I’ll be following this rule. The idea is that you’re going on a health kick and eating a better version of something bad for you is kind of cheating. You’re supposed to be taking your mind off of the junk you’ve been putting in your body for years and focusing on putting fresh, nutritious meals in your mouth. Now I can see how this would be beneficial for someone who has been eating a Standard American Diet for years… but I have been eating extremely clean for a very long time now. So dammnit if I want some coconut flour pancakes, I will make them! Why? Because they will have absolutely no effect on my desire to eat “real” pancakes. So I don’t consider that cheating – as long as I stick to the list of allowed foods. I will try to make a conscious effort to stop eating as much desert (even though it’s always made of healthy ingredients!) to try to meet the program halfway.

What do you think? Could you do a program like this?