I have had such a wonderful food-filled weekend!

After 18 days of work and being bummed all the time (as well as 3.5 months of living in a city where restaurant options for a foodie are minimal) I have enjoyed these last few days to the fullest. The nice thing about only being in town for a weekend is that spending too much at restaurants can be easily justified!

And my goodness I had missed exercise! I just feel like a happier person when I’m able to move my body and spend some time in the sunshine (shocking right?) I went on a month long hiatus from any rigorous cardio – I had been going on bike rides whenever I could squeeze them into my schedule but nothing too intense – and now that life has settled down 40 notches or so, I’m starting back up with the Insanity. You know, I read it all the time – you shouldn’t lift heavy and perform HIITs too often side by side … but … but…

I can’t stay away! I’m addicted! When I had first finished Insanity, I was doing the month 2 work outs as light exercise. Day 1 of Month 1 just kicked my little butt out into space yesterday morning and I loved it.

I also had a chance to wander around the outdoor farmer’s market which was quite lovely. Sun and food are of course my two favorite things and there were lots of fresh fruit and spreads to be sampled… and re sampled šŸ˜€

I ended up buying an amazingĀ vegan eggplant dip that I plan on recreating over the next few days as well as chili lime spiced pepitas – mmm! Speaking of recreating food…

I have SO much I want to make before I go back to work! I was invited to a huge birthday feast with lots of yummy treats I’d like to recreate and “healthify” for you! I just want to save the best ones for when I come back home for good – the lighting and space is so much easier to work with here.

I wish I’d thought to bring my camera so I could have taken some pictures of the food I ate this weekend… Even though I don’t have pictures IĀ haveĀ to recommend this amazing restaurant in Edmonton. It’s called Noorish and the menu is almost all raw/vegan/vegetarian. All of their food isĀ phenomenalĀ and I would put it in my top 5 places to eat – ever! It’s a really cozy place with an elixir bar – their drinks are better than milkshakes I swear – and lots of organic treats you can purchase on the side. There’s even a yoga studio in the basement! Really down to Earth vibe and the staff are always extremely friendly. Best of all – the desserts are all refined sugar free!

I don’t really buy into the raw food lifestyle as some foods require heat to make their nutrientsĀ bio-availableĀ (carrots, tomatoes, spinach etc.) but I do love good tasting food! And raw desserts are so much healthier for you/extremely easy to make! So I have a couple dessert ideas planned over the next few days that I just can’t wait to make. I’ve experimented with raw desserts in the past (raw brownies, cheesecake etc. the easy stuff) but I always make food without measuring ingredients so I couldn’t really upload the recipe even though the results were great… However I’ve got some neat stuff in mind and it’s going to be whole 30 friendly so keep an eye out over this week šŸ™‚

I hope everyone else had as relaxing a weekend as I did. It was nice to catch up with old friends and find myself back in the city where I left my heart.