I just discovered something. Something huge. I don’t know what to call these because the recipe I found called them “tortillas” but they’re not quite thin enough… too thin to be a flatbread… I don’t know and I don’t care. I’ll tell you what they are – amazing.

I checked on the whole30 message boards and these seem to be acceptable – the website itself advertises another company that sells coconut wraps so I feel I’m in the clear. They don’t make me crave anything else, they’re healthy, gluten free, and seriously if you can eat more than two of these there is something wrong with you. I had to tweak the recipe a little but holy hell am I glad I tried these out! The way they explained it, as long as these wraps are more functional for you (i.e. stuff a bunch of meat or eggs in them to make a burrito) and act as a vehicle for your food and not the main event you’re good. So if these will make you jones for bread or tortillas… skip it.

But they taste really good! I’m loving the slightly sweet flavor from the coconut flour. If you’re not on whole 30 these would work great for a low carb option as well!

The thing I like about these is that they are so incredibly versatile. I made scrambled eggs and threw them in but my first bite I thought – Oh god these would be great with some avocados. Or some ground beef. I could make burritos… or fajitas… So many different ideas!

As you can see I kind of made egg tacos… that’s because I messed up and made two tortillas instead of one giant one. And that’s okay! Because tortillas are fun. And you can choose to split the recipe in half and make smaller tortillas rather than one large one. Play around with it, maybe make four little mini breads and use them as a base for pizza.

I for sure am going to be using these again and try a different angle. They were really satisfying and went well with the eggs.


  • 2T coconut flour
  • 1/8t baking powder
  • 7 T egg whites (or 4 egg whites and 1T water)
  • 4T coconut milk or water (you might even want to add more just to get a more runny, batter like consistency)
  • coconut oil/butter for frying
  1. Heat up a well greased frying pan (12”) on medium.
  2. Mix all the ingredients and (depending on what you want your bread to be like! You can always divide the recipe and use halves) add all the batter. You’ll want to spread it out – I had to use a spatula because it was so thick. The thinner the better!
  3. Fry until the edges turn brown and you can easily loosen the wrap from the pan.
  4. Flip em over and cook for another 30s – 1minute.
  5. I spread paleo mayo on top of them and then added the scrambled eggs with sundried tomatoes. This was absolutely AMAZING. Like party in my mouth good. You can totally personalize these and make them your own – spinach, avocado, artichoke, ground meat, etc.