I think the last thing I added to my top five favorite food list was my balsamic pork… Yeah, doesn’t even come close to this chicken. It is the perfect combination of rich, sweet, spicy and creaaaaammy. I love days where I just muck about in the kitchen and stumble onto something fantastic… Saturday was one of those days. I made a roast chicken, the aforementioned balsamic pork with glazed peaches, a turkey – kale – tomato frittata, roasted 4 beets and 2 sweet potatoes, the most AMAZING coffee – cocoa brisket (recipes to follow I promise 🙂 ) and what feels like about 30 lbs of coleslaw. I feel prettttty pleased with myself right meow.

I wish I hadn’t have just gobbled up one of them last night for picture taking purposes but I just couldn’t help myself – the aroma was so enticing! The best part was getting over that life long ingrained guilt about eating the skin. If you can get your hands on pastured, organic, happy, healthy chickens I really hope you do. I don’t know how much of this is all in my head but I swear they really do taste different. We had some ground turkey leftover in our freezer from the Costco days and I used the last of it today… D thought I was making ramen noodles when he saw it in the pan. It just looked like cardboard! Blech! I hope this isn’t turning into too preachy of a post but really, the next time you say you cant afford to spend that much money on your food, I want you to think about how much you spend on other crap. Starbucks, shoes, dinners out, video games, clothes you never wear… I mean I’m not saying give it all up. But I think one of my favorite sayings sums it up nicely:

Pay the farmer now, or pay the doctor later.

I would much rather ensure that the creature that died to end up on my plate didn’t spend its life in a space smaller than a sheet of paper, eating candy wrappers and soy sludge, living its own excrement than buy a new pair of *insert meaningless name brand here* boots. At the very least – think of all the yummy fat you could be eating 😛 Shop smart, stick to sales and it’s not even that expensive!

Back to the food. I got carried away – I apologize.


For those of you that eat rice – this sauce would go REALLY well with some. For those of you that do not – lick it off the plate. I’m serious! Or mix it up with some mashed cauliflower, or spaghetti squash, dunk some celery root souffle in it… Do not waste it!


I had a really hard time photographing this chicken because a) I’m a chef, not a photographer, b) I have a craptastic camera and c) I was hungry and had absolutely no patience for this business. Seriously though, take my word for it – this is one of the most amazing chicken recipes ever!


I owe it all to the figs. I’m going to try and incorporate them into my cooking more – I’ve already brainstormed so many ideas around them 😀 If fruit are like nature’s candy, then figs are like that chocolate river from Willy Wonka. That doesn’t even make sense – I don’t care. Maybe I’m fig drunk…


  • 4 chicken legs – keep the skin on if they’re organic, free range, pastured, anti-biotic and hormone free 🙂
  • 8 dried figs, diced fine – sugar and preservative free!
  • 3T raisins
  • 1 onion
  • 1/3 cup chicken stock
  • 2/3 cup coconut milk
  • 1/2T cinnamon
  • 1/2t ground cumin
  • 1/4t nutmeg.
  • 1T cooking fat of choice (coconut oil works really well here)
  1. Dice up the onion really fine while you heat up the cooking fat over medium high in a skillet.
  2. Fry the onion for a few minutes and let it soften up. Add cinnamon, nutmeg and cumin and let the onion brown.
  3. Add chicken stock and chicken legs. Let them brown in the pan – you might even want to cover just to get them to cook faster/more evenly. Took me about 7-8 minutes with a lid.
  4. Remove the chickens and set aside. Add figs and coconut milk. Bring the pan to a boil for a couple minutes and then lower the heat to a nice simmer. You want to deglaze and thicken all the yummy goodness that’s left. Really be patient here, you want the onions and figs to lend their flavor to the sauce.
  5. After the sauce is nice and thick, add the chicken legs back, scraping any browned bits or fat back into the pan.
  6. Try not to gulp the sauce straight out of the pan! Sprinkle with raisins, drizzle with coconut milk and enjoy! If you’re looking for an extremely quick and easy dinner to impress with – this is it!