Good news everyone!

We’re finally getting a dining table! EEEK! Don’t judge. We’ve totally been eating our meals on the couch. I hate everything about this because it means that meal time = T.V. time. Once we get the new table I am totally making a no T.V., no cell phone, no computers NOTHING rule for meals. Savor your food and enjoy it! This also means that I will FINALLY (fingers crossed) have a nice place to take pictures of my food! Wonder of wonders!

Second piece of good news: I’m done my whole 30! Today! Well… somewhat. I’m definitely keeping the paleo thing going. I’ve never felt better since making the switch so why give it up now? Actually, I have to confess I’m scared. I’m terrified of trying chocolate or eating fruit again… does anyone else feel this way? The idea of dairy and pus in my milk makes me want to vomit so I’m steering clear of it anyway. Maybe some farm fresh cheese in the future… We’re having our thanksgiving dinner this weekend so I will be breaking from the strict whole 30 and having a paleo dessert (without sugar or honey!) I can’t wait to post all the things I’ll be making! Speaking of Turkey, we had some drums in our freezer and I thought I might as well get rid of them before we have an abundance of Turkey for the next few weeks.

This recipe is really quite simple but super tasty.

We got these awesome crimson pears in our veggie box so I sliced them up (1 or 2 is fine) and tossed them in a casserole dish with some turkey drums. Then I rubbed the Turkey down with some duck fat (about 1 T) and roasted it in the oven for about 20 minutes or so at 350F… always go by internal temperature people! Throw on some back bacon for the last 10 minutes and droooool.

C’est magnifique!

Life is good right now. My big school project is over, I have turkey beckoning me this weekend… The only worries on my mind are… what should I eat tomorrow!?

I kind of want to have a treat after 30 days of sticking to this diet. Nothing with actual sugar but maybe a paleo dessert… like pancakes… or paleo oatmeal! To any whole 30ers out there… what foods did you miss the most? Did you have a treat planned? Do share!