Okay. It’s been a while. And while 12 of the days I’ve taken off can be accounted for by my vacation … well I’ve just kind of been lazy 😛 But I’m back! And dear lord did I miss my kitchen! I realized on my vacation that I cannot be without kitchen for too long or I start to get a litttttle bit crazy. The downsides of vacation… is that you eat like a fat piggy because you love food so much and how can you turn down that non-paleo cake that comes with the meal that you’ve already pre-paid for?!? HOW?!

Needless to say that after 12 days of eating, drinking, boozing and beaching I came home relaxed but somewhat anxious to get back to the gym and my healthy diet.

So what do I do for those cake cravings seeing as my brain is still in beach mode?!

Answer: Mug cake!



See, I have a ton of recipes for healthy cakes, brownies, cupcakes etc. but the problem is that I can’t stop after 1 5. I will devour whatever healthy fixings are in my kitchen and it kind of defeats the purpose of baking something healthy if you’re going to eat the whole damn pan… So I mucked about with a microwave mug cake!



They’re quick and easy to make – and there’s only one of em!



And the flavors are super easy to play around with – I happened to have some good quality natural raspberry flavor floating around in my cupboards and I LOVE chocolate & raspberry together so I threw some in a mug! You can easily substitute other flavorings of your choice. The sweetness is also customizable.


  • 2T Coconut Flour
  • 1T cocoa powder (more or less depending on how much you love chocolate)
  • 5T Egg white
  • 2T Apple Sauce – unsweetened works fine for me but again, customize!
  • A couple drops raspberry flavor
  • Slight pinch of vanilla
  • Sweetener options: 1/3 of a ripe mashed banana, 1t honey, sub sweetened applesauce etc. play around with it although I found the recipe to be sweet enough as is
  • For a richer cake, add 1T melted butter or melted coconut butter

Mix everything together in a large mug (make sure you mix reaaaaaally well!) and microwave for 1:15-1:30 seconds. This will vary depending on your microwave – just keep an eye on the cake. Once it stops rising it should be good to go. The cake is actually really moist and I was delightfully surprised at how tasty it was! Top with nut butter or coconut cream and enjoy!