I feel silly even posting this but I love these. LOVE these. Potatoes make a great post workout snack, they’re a really good source of carbs and starch that your muscles need if you’re lifting heavy. I really like to stress that I am not afraid of fats nor do I avoid them but they have very little use in a PWO meal. Which sucks because potatoes obviously are bffls with fats. (Fries, chips, poutine, buttered mashed potatoes… mmm food boner) so I was really happy when I googled microwave potato chips and found that they were indeed a thing. 028

A tasty, tasty thing. These are fairly low effort if you have a mandolin or food processor and super quick to make. And honestly you really can’t tell that they haven’t been fried… or at least I can’t because I haven’t had regular chips in ages.



Regardless if ever there was a healthy alternative to chips – this is it. Bonus: you make as many as you need to eat and there isn’t the rest of the bag calling your name seductively.




  • Potatoes. That’s it really! Unless you wanna get all CUHRAAAAAZY and add garlic salt or other spices. Try them on their own then experiment 🙂
  • Oil is optional for brushing
  1. Peel and slice your potatoes using method of choice. If you’re going old school and using a knife, make sure that they are reaaaaallly thin and all the same thickness. 
  2. Rinse them. Put them in a strainer and give em a good rinse with some cold water. Let them dry out – you can spread them out on a towel if you’d like to expedite the process.
  3. I would STRONGLY suggest you use parchment paper to line your plate. They go from crispy to burnt in the blink of an eye and when they burn, the buggers stick to plates so use the paper!
  4. Brush with oil if desired. Now here is the tricky part. Everyone’s microwave is different, furthermore you all like your chips done differently. I like mine reallllly crispy. So stand around and experiment! I did 2 minutes and flipped them for another 2. Keep an eye on them because like I said, they WILL burn if you’re not there to intervene. Generally when you start to see the edges brown you want to stop the microwave. If you see brown spots appearing on the chip itself, you’ve gone too far STOP. (When starch is overcooks it’s a potential carcinogen – nothing to be too worried about unless you’re eating a pound of potatoes a day like me 😀 )

*I’ve found that sometimes they’re wet so you want to nuke them more… go for a walk, do some housework and come back to them. Often they’ll sit around and dry up and make a good chip if you leave them alone.

Happy experimenting!